Toxteth Town Hall is...

Centre Based Organisation
Toxteth town hall is a fantastic community-inhabited building, providing a range of services that our services users can also tap into, and the building is managed extremely well, with the staff very supportive of, and helpful towards, it’s tenants.
— Cate - Back On Track Liverpool Ltd (June 2019)
Hirer Of The Facilities
The hall is such a great space for my classes and is incredibly beautiful. All my students have commented on what a lovely space it is, and the children love it too, with plenty of space to run around and play. On top of this, the venue is very accessible and is a huge part of the community, offering a vast range of resources, activites, help and more. All the staff and I, have a really good relationship and they have been extremely supportive pf my business, helping me out in many different ways.
— Georgina - Yogi Family (June 2019)
Young Member Of Family Games Club
I like doing the gardening at this club because it is fun, it’s exciting, it’s a fun thing when you plant, water and play about and it’s a lot of experience.
— Family Games Club Member, Aged 10 (March 2019)
Parent Of Family Games Club
We enjoy the family games club, which brings lots of joyful moments and fun. We love the nature, garden, plants and creatures. We love harvest time, planting seeds and watering.
— Family Games Club Parent Member (March 2019)
Adult Gardening and Food Growing Club Member
Working outside gives me a good feeling, a sense of achievement. I enjoy learning and making new friends.
— Club Member (March 2019)
Family Games Club Member
That was the first time I have ever played a board game with my little sister – it was great! We are usually heads down on our own computers!
— ISABEL, 10 years old (Games Night, October 2015)
Heritage Open day attendee
Thoroughly entertaining, enjoyed every aspect of it and i met a mate i hadn’t seen in over 10 years
— Jack (former L8 resident now living in Huyton - HOD Sept 2016
Centre Based Organisation:
Family Refugee Support Project has been based at TTH for many years. There are many reasons why this remains the best place for our organisation, but top of list has to be the support from the staff here. The staff running reception and maintaining the building have always been excellent, and provided additional help and support with tailoring our services, reaching out to the local community and helping us to make links with other projects.

The location makes us accessible and able to support our clients well. We are looking forward to working with DMAC to develop a new green space at the back of the building; an exciting opportunity to take our work further and develop good future partnerships.
— Jenny (FRSP)
Great value for a public event of this size (100 people) and scale
— Laura Baily (Liverpool City Council)
Great venue. Thanks very much
— Sarah Whaites (Paver Smith) Consultation Works PR
We love this venue. We are always welcomed by the staff and our clients are treated with respect and care. Many thanks! Good Job!
— Sam (Red Cross)
Brilliant. We’ll try to come back. Excellent customer service from the team.
— Jeff Scales (Locality)
Family Games Club member

My grandson loves it here and theres not many places he does with having his condition, we all love it, its really helped me mentally
— Frances (Games Club Adult Member)