In the mid 1500’s Toxteth was a Deer Park under the ownership of King John. The many Earl’s of Sefton had residency in Toxteth and owned a number of properties.

Toxteth Park was a vast area spanning from the shore and included areas we know now as Otterspool, Smithdown Road, Aigburth Vale, and Mossley Hill amongst others. This has been identified from a number of Ariel maps dating from 1843. (Source – Liverpool Public Library).


The information accessible is very limited. Sources that we have referred to and relied upon to produce this page include; the Public Library and verbal anecdotes from visitors to the centre. Toxteth Town Hall Community Resource Centre (its title now) is based in the heart of Toxteth. The building was built in 1865-6 and was designed by Layland (Architect). Its original title was “The Township of Toxteth Park Public Offices” known locally then as the "Town Hall. It has played a major role in the civic life of the area. During its history its uses include the following:

Registry Office (Births & Deaths only) Medical Dispensary, Morgue, Coroners Inquests, Services for the Destitute, Means testing, Hardship Support, Food Dispensary, Police cells (war time), Dispensary of School Uniforms, Community Meetings, Health & Social Security & Department of Unemployment amongst other uses.

If you have any memories and/or information on the building we would welcome your input to build up a comprehensive picture. Contact us at the centre. 



In 1969 the English Heritage awarded the building with Grade 2 listed status. The Front and side facades are of sandstone, the rest brick. It has a number of pediments with Venetian windows. There are large sashes in moulded architraves.

Internally the community hall has wonderful detailed plaster works to the walls and ceiling and a plaque of a stag that was donated by The Earl Of Sefton when the building was constructed. (Source: Conservation Office LCC).



DMAC Ltd secured funding by grants in 2004 from The Heritage Lottery Fund and The Pilgrim Trust to refurbish & restore Toxteth Town Hall. The project included upgrading the centre to make it fully disabled accessible, refurbishment & restoration of the community hall and external works incorporating the roof and facades.