We first we met Revd. John when he became Minister of Religion at Toxteth with Sefton Park Methodist Church, Ullet Rd L8. John attended our Annual Heritage Open days, was in support of the Save The Florrie Campaign and signed up to being a trustee with us in 2004 and retired in 2012 following his retirement in 2011 from Toxteth Methodist Church. John held the officership of Chair with us for 5 years during his Trusteeship; served as Chaplin at the Royal Liverpool Hospital; was involved in the Liverpool Inner City Training and Research Project (PAULDEN PROJECT 2003-2009). In his last year shortly before his passing, he achieved his Doctor status which he was rightfully proud of attaining. 

John was a very witty and humorous character with a smile not far from his lips. He took all the stick he got about his Brummy accent, he was a mean wielder of the Gavel which he would happily brandish at board meetings and events to our amusement. A truly compassionate and human person and we are so privileged to have known and worked along side him for the benefit of this community. 

We knew Johns wife Marg very well who took amazing care of John throughout their marriage. Through her love and support, which we witnessed, this gave great comfort to John just as he had shown to thousands of people, in their times of need and grief.