chairs around a deskIn a time when funds are hard to come by, options are important, not having an office for staff and volunteers to work and plan together will strain relationships and mire resolutions. Group working is critical to sustaining business and developing new strategies. We are offering you the ability to save money, but not loose the bond of a team working together when it's needed. 

The collaboration room is large, has a whiteboard, a meeting table, access to a projector and flip chart.

We also understand that cash is strapped, so we're partly subsidising the cost of this facility, allowing you to spend a little, but get a lot.

Meeting/Training Room

Available: Free Internet, Projector & Screen £10, Flip Charts £10, Arrange Catering free

Charities £7.50 per hour | Business and Other £10 per hour (minimum booking 2 hours)




"We love this venue. We are always welcomed by the staff and our clients are treated with respect and care. Many thanks! Good Job!" - Sam (Red Cross)

"Brilliant. We'll try to come back. Excellent customer service from Joshua." - Jeff Scales (Locality)

"Great value for a public event of this size (100 people) and scale" - Laura Baily (Liverpool City Council)

"Great venue. Thanks very much" - Sarah Whaites (Paver Smith) Consultation Works PR