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The Project comprises of  the development of the sublevel/basement within our existing resource centre - Toxteth Town Hall.

The dual aspect of the Facility Expansion Project is to accomodate the needs of its beneficiaries and a in achieving a greater sustainability level.

Sub-level Development: In total there plan to be (6) new offices created in the basement, one of which will be a multi use room and the remaining to be occupied by third sector organisations The current Managers Office will be relocated to accommodate the accessible kitchen on the grd floor. Planning permissions and LBC have been granted however a variation following is to be applied for following revisions.

The third sector organisations that would be able to register for the new offices, would receive the following support as part of the package: without additional cost to the licence fee:

•    General reception services
•    Porterage
•    Caretaker/Maintenance 
•    Use of the newly refurbished and relocated accessible kitchen/staff room, access to the Large Community Hall Beautifully Restored and to smaller multi use meeting/training rooms

All would also be able to access common facilities such as Photocopying, postal scales, hire of the community hall facility for training etc - fees according to their use/quantity.

The above enables the groups to concentrate on the delivery of their services without the distraction, responsibility and individual cost associated with them having their own premises. We have found that this have been particularly beneficial to the emerging third sector organisations. They have more time to focus on service delivery than operational matters associated with a facility/premises.

In relation to the existing third sector organisations operational in the centre currently (6) and the user groups (63) access the community hall, (we usually resister approx 12 new groups P/A) they will benefit in the following ways:

•    Larger, improved, accessible kitchen/staff room. This will encourage more staff/volunteers to make use of the facility and actually take a break rather than often eat within their offices.
•    Improved toilet facilities

The existing Caretaker/Maintenance Workers office on the grd floor will be relocated as to make room for the platform lift to the sublevel. The existing stairwells to the basement will be enhanced.

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"We love this venue. We are always welcomed by the staff and our clients are treated with respect and care. Many thanks! Good Job!" - Sam (Red Cross)

"Brilliant. We'll try to come back. Excellent customer service from Joshua." - Jeff Scales (Locality)

"Great value for a public event of this size (100 people) and scale" - Laura Baily (Liverpool City Council)

"Great venue. Thanks very much" - Sarah Whaites (Paver Smith) Consultation Works PR