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A small team of 5 staff look after the main operations of the building; maintenance, cleaning, reception/admin and management.

Josh Terry is our Centre Supervisor; Josh brings a number of skills to the team, including marketing and promotions, team leading, HR, networking, ICT management, mentoring, digital branding, Business management, course development, and workshop leading. Josh has been with us for juts over a year.

Jon Kwao is our Caretaker/Handy person; health and safety requiremnets, general maintenance and reporting on our maintenance plan. Jon has been with us for 8 years.

Kyle Wilks is our Reception Supervisor. Kyle looks after all of our clients and knows the work of each organisation. He deals with general inquiries and ensures all records are kept up-to-date. Kyle is our newest recruit, starting with us as an apprentice, staying on to volunteer and then gaining employment once a position became available.

Cala Comer is our receptionist cleaner, the happy face you see most mornings greeting people, then moves on to keep the building nice and clean for our visitors and organisations. It's a hard job, that only the best could do. Calla has been with us for 12 years and loves coming to work.

Joseph Lussamaki is our other cleaner who looks after our offices and training rooms. Joseph has been with us for 3 years


Many of our board have been part of the team since our incorporation in 1999. Our trustees are responsible for the direction and performance of the charity.

They are not directly involved in the day-to-day running of the charity. The trustees are responsible for monitoring and controlling operational activities.
It can be a challenging role. If something goes wrong in the charity's work or finances the trustees bear ultimate responsibility - both legal and financial. But it is also extremely interesting and rewarding, having the chance to exercise existing skills and develop new ones.

Martin Davies is the Chair of the charity and has been for 3 years. Martin brings his expertise as a solicitor, now in retirement Martin serves the board in matters only he is experienced to deal with. He is an integral member of the team and acts as line manager to the centre supervisor.

Jane Patton has been with the board since 2005 and currently holds the role of treasurer. Jane helps Josh out on a regular basis with bookkeeping, spend and financial management. In her treasurer capacity, Jane acts as coffer keeper and controls revenue and capital.

Tom Calderbank has been with us on the board since we opened. Tommy is well known in the community, provides out-of-the-box thinking for the board. He is very passionate about community development, sustainability and partnership working.

Joe Farrag is another community centric board member who sits on many boards in Liverpool. He provides up-to-date information on the latest funds, social capital and acts as a go between, between ourselves and other community buildings.


Over the years we have measured our impact on the community by keeping numbers of those we help directly or indirectly through the Centre Based Orgs (CBOs), We exist to support all residents in the Toxteth/Liverpool 8 area. Diverse in culture and socio-economics, Toxteth comprises the bottom 1% of people living in poverty in Britain and people on mid range incomes. A gentrified area in inner city Liverpool, Toxteth faces many hardships. We attempt to provide support to the most margianalised people, whilst holding events such as heritage open day to celebrate the culturally rich heritage of the area.

We are a distributor of food vouchers and work with social landlords to ensure no person is left uncontacted / not offered support.

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"We love this venue. We are always welcomed by the staff and our clients are treated with respect and care. Many thanks! Good Job!" - Sam (Red Cross)

"Brilliant. We'll try to come back. Excellent customer service from Joshua." - Jeff Scales (Locality)

"Great value for a public event of this size (100 people) and scale" - Laura Baily (Liverpool City Council)

"Great venue. Thanks very much" - Sarah Whaites (Paver Smith) Consultation Works PR