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"To create a state-of-the-art community resource centre for the betterment of Toxteth"

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150th Anniversary (1866-2016)


Tel: 0151 727 2648

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Dingle Multi Agency Centre Ltd is a Registered Charity No 1076407 and Limited Company by Guarantee 3358612 registered in England


To create a state-of-the-art, community resource to promote the physical, social, cultural and economic betterment of the Toxteth area.  


The company was incorporated under the Companies Act 1985, under the terms of the Memorandum and Articles of Association dated 23 April 1997, as amended by special resolution dated 15 June 1999, and was registered as a charity in accordance with this governing document on 6 July 1999. A further amendment was made in Dec 06 under special resolution with an addition to the charity’s objects – refer to object c.  

The objects of the charity are: -  
a) To promote the benefit of the inhabitants of Toxteth and the neighbourhood thereof (hereinafter called “the area of benefit”) without distinction of sex, sexual orientation, race, or of political, religious, or other opinions, by associating together the said inhabitants and the local authorities, voluntary and other organisations in a common effort to advance education and to provide facilities in the interests of social welfare, for recreation and other leisure-time occupation with the object of improving conditions of life for the said inhabitants;
b) To establish or secure the establishment of a community centre, and to maintain and manage the same, whether alone, or in co-operation with any local authority, or other person or body, in furtherance of these objects
c) To promote the efficiency and effectiveness of charities and the promotion of the effective use of resources for charitable purposes by charitable and non charitable bodies in the Toxteth area but not exclusively, by the provision or by procuring the provision of accommodation, information, assistance and other support services


The charitable company was established to manage Toxteth Town Hall Community Resource Centre. The charity organises, hosts and delivers community events, training courses, workshops, community clubs and other activities at the centre, alone or in conjunction with other agencies. The charity also delivers heritage and volunteering projects.

Space is let out under licence agreements to other charities or community organisations whose service and facilities would be of benefit to the residents within our area of benefit – Toxteth. In addition, a large community hall facility is available to be booked by groups for a range of purposes.
DMAC Ltd. purchased the Head Lease on Toxteth Town Hall building in July 1997 but originally had it on a contract from May 1997. It was purchased for £80,000 fundraised from Dingle SRB and LCC Community Development Fund.  


In the last 12 months (2014/15) the charity undertook the following activities:  

A successful Heritage Open Day and 6 week history course celebrating and learning about local heritage and reminiscing of the past with just under 200 people engaged

Over 500 Food Vouchers issued to local residents suffering hardship

The final sessions of our Big Changes road shows to the public raising awareness and providing information to local residents on the Welfare Reform Act and its impact – with over 300 directly benefitting and further 900+ receiving secondary support


(All enquiries tel: 0151 727 2648 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

1) Family Games Club - weekly every Friday 4pm - 5.30pm - following our festive Christmas Party the club recommences Friday 8th Jan 16 

2) Basic IT Course in partnership with ALS - Course dates and times to be announced in Jan 2016 for commencement Feb 2016

3) Community Garden/Allottment - we will be seeking additional volunteers to work with us on the development of the green site in Letitia Street into a Mobile Orchard, Allottments, Raised Beds for edible produce, Wildflower Garden and Wildlife area.

4) Heritage Programme - a truly celebratory year 2016 - programme to be announced early 2016

5) Food Vouchers - daily service


In addition to our charity holding an office in the centre, the charity is currently (Dec 2015) home to 6 other projects we call Centre Based Organisations (CBO’s). They are:
ØØ South Liverpool CAB (Toxteth Branch)
ØØ National Energy Advice
ØØ Macmillan
ØØ Sola Arts
ØØ Family Refugee Support Project
ØØ Street League

We have 28 registered user organisations accessing sessional room hire with 5 being regularly weekly groups/clubs

For all office space and room hire enquiries please contact us at the centre



Our centre holds no religious or political affiliation and so is accessible to the diverse communities within our area of benefit. The central hall has enabled a number of events to take place and directly assists with the capacity building of new groups by allowing them access to the facility. It has been through these events and current user feedback that has assisted in our organisation identifying the barriers that exist. We are already attempting to address these by the way in which we operate, our publicity materials and delivery of the events and long will we continue to do so. A wide range of external organisations and groups for various activities also uses the hall regularly.

Income is generated through:

i)Licence fees charged to the centre based organisations and through the hiring of the hall. This enables the charity to cover the majority of the overheads and running costs of the building, in addition to contributing towards the costs of the staff, which is also partly met by small grants.

ii)The booking of the hall Contracts for delivery of programmes

iii)We have to fund raise the remainder or for project specific activities. We do have powers to obtain credit and finance if required . 

All enquires Tel: 0151 727 2648

or email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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"We love this venue. We are always welcomed by the staff and our clients are treated with respect and care. Many thanks! Good Job!" - Sam (Red Cross)

"Brilliant. We'll try to come back. Excellent customer service from Joshua." - Jeff Scales (Locality)

"Great value for a public event of this size (100 people) and scale" - Laura Baily (Liverpool City Council)

"Great venue. Thanks very much" - Sarah Whaites (Paver Smith) Consultation Works PR